FAL - Holy Ghost Music Video Treatment

Treatment by Conner Jones


This music video will be a balance between concept and performance shots, without a direct storyline. The focus will largely be full band performance shots with the concept shots being solo shots of individual members alone in a very shallow (maybe an inch or two) pool of water. We will be transporting the band members to this location throughout the course of the video through camera movements and editing to illustrate the feeling of separation and isolation that we often feel when dealing with different people, their vices and how it affects others. In direct relation to the lyrics, these scenes will look like a place outside of what we know, or “nowhere” as in “we’re going nowhere fast now.” The water in these shots will serve as a metaphor for the vices that take hold of people, specifically alcoholism and how it can take you to a dark place, away from everything or everyone you know, where you’re often left waiting for a return to normalcy.

Enter Shikari - Rat Race.png
Rolo Tomassi - Rituals 3.png


These performance shots will be mostly group based, with some tighter detail shots of instruments, and a mixture of medium shots providing coverage of whole band. These will be taking place in an environment where the band will be backlit by a “wall of light” with a wetdown (very thin layer of water spread across the ground). The light wall will provide moody silhouette lighting and the reflection on the floors will serve as a link to the solo concept shots as well as a way to add more depth to the environment. Since we don’t have finished artwork to tie branding into color choices, we should stick to wearing neutral black/greys, but if there’s an emphasis on any color, it should should be red, as it’s been a previously established choice.

Northlane - Citizen.png
1975 - silhouette.jpg
Foo Fighters - Pretender.png
1975 - box silhouette.png